Kaizen , Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the best", refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of any process.


Kinetics, the branch of mechanics concerned with the study of  bodies in motion.


Kaizen Kinetics is a human improvement methodology we designed which is centered on the belief that fitness can be obtained by anyone. By starting with a thorough assessment, we devise personally tailored programs with incrementally increased challenges designed to get our clients going with a series of small successes. These small successes serve to improve esteem and the will to continue, while delivering performance enhancements as well as cosmetic ones. By constantly assessing and designing we can give our clients the constantly variable progressively challenging programs they need to avoid plateus, boredom and most importantly injury.


We pride ourselves in our program design, and the safety and efficacy with which they are delivered.


With Kaizen Kinetics you will be FIT NOT BROKEN.


In our initial assessment, we will guide you through a joint by joint review to ascertain your ranges of motion. We will discover any movement compensations and muscle imbalances, as well as your current overall fitness level. We will discuss your lifestyle and your eating habits in order to obtain a clear understanding of what the baselines are.



Post assessment we review our data and devise a multi week program aimed at getting immediate results while setting the stage for continous improvements. Every metric from the assessment is used in order to devise the most comprehensive program possible.



Once the program is designed, we execute it and make changes where necessary. Adjustments in loads, tempo, and rest periods are noted. Once the program has been completed, we reassess and begin the process anew.