Kaizen Kinetics has a broad range of fitness offerings. Select the option that best suits your needs and get started on the Ultimate You!


Too often the personal is left out of personal training. At Kaizen Kinetics, we dont give workouts, we deliver training.


Every program begins with a thorough assessment, giving us detailed insight to your body type, movement patterns and postural distortions. Only after completeing the assessment can we prescribe a fitness regimen that will meet your goals safely and effectively.


Once the initial training program has been completed, we will reassess and design next phase for your training.

Online training is a great way to get access to the best coaching regardless of your geographical location. Get all the benefits you want with different levels of engagement beginning with a personalized workout program with email access to your coach.


Increase your engagement by adding video sessions which are recorded and archived for your referral in the future. Add as many or as few as 1 per month or as many as you need.


Whether you are into distance running, track and field, football, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, squash, lacrosse, rugby or swimming, Kaizen Kinetics can help you to excel in your sport.


By analyzing the weaknesses in your movement patterns, we can identify and then eliminate gaps in your fitness that are keeping you from taking your game to the next level. 


Next, learn how to use the right muscle recruitment patterns to best execute the moves required in your sport. Eliminate compensations and you will change direction faster, react quicker, jump higher and go further longer.


Kaizen Kinetics, for the WIN!!




If you have been injured, are suffering with pain or discomfort, have had surgery, or are in physical therapy Kaizen Kinetics can help you get back in the game. We have experience with all manner of injuries including:


 ACL - MCL - Rotator Cuff - Hip replacement - Knee replacement  Meniscus tear - Arthritis - Bursitis - Tendonitis - Impingement


We work side by side with your physician and physical therapist to maximize your chances of recovery, and limit the amount of time you are sidelined. Without putting you at risk, we will work to ensure your progress is maximized.

Our Personalized nutritional programs are designed by PHD Dr. John Berardi at Precision Nutrition. By purchasing your program through Kaizen Kinetics you can save money, as much as half off when combined with any of our personal training programs.

Get daily guidance and coaching for a whole year in order to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your goals.


Whether you need to lose or gain weight, learn to eat for sport performance enhancement or just want to make healthier choices, its well known Precision Nutrition cannot be beat. Over 50,000 success stories and counting.



The ability to continue to do the things you love doesn't have to diminish over time. Kaizen Kinetics can help you improve on the mobility you posess while paying special attention to the biological changes inherent with aging. Revitalize your joints, rejuvinate your muscles and increase your stamina so you can enjoy yourself maximally. Tee off and hit volleys like you haven't in years. Get back in the game with the energy and vitality that can be gained from a comprehensive program specially tailored to you needs.